ReCAPT is a regional collaboration-based research center working primarily on basic and applied studies on design, materials, and production of aircraft parts. It is also responsible for applied research regarding the design, interpretation, production, and trial/evaluation of aircraft components, devices, and structures.

The ultimate goal of ReCAPT is to take the initiative in the development of aircraft parts industries and to help further develop the local community and enhance the global competitiveness of local industries by pursuing regional research collaboration. For this purpose, we have been involved in the following activities: (a) research support projects; (b) industry-university-research center collaboration, technological guidance, and other collaborative research projects; and (c) other various research promotion projects, including on-the-job training sessions for students and symposiums.

With a research focus on aircraft parts manufacturing and other related industries, ReCAPT has carried out a large number of collaborative research projects with enterprises and universities, including workshops, technology transfer, and technological guidance, helping the local community to grow further, sharpen its international competitive edge, and boost its industries to better prepare for the forthcoming era of regionalization.

For collaborative research projects with industries and universities and global research cooperation, ReCAPT has founded the Aerospace Parts & Materials Infrastructure Promotion Program (AFRA) together with the Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM) and the POSTECH Center for Advanced Aerospace Materials (CAAM) and has been engaged in the construction project of the Aerospace Parts & Materials Research Complex. We have entered a technological support agreement and are jointly running a visiting professor invitation program with Komsomolsk-on-Amur State Technical University in Khavarovsk, Russia, a sister state of South Gyeongsang Province, Korea. We are also seeking to pursue joint research and researcher exchanges with the Institute of Beijing Aero Materials Research in China. Under a technology exchange agreement, we have also been sharing technological information and have held regular joint seminars with Japan’s Chubu Center for Space Industry Science and Technology. In the areas of Jinju and Sacheon, where ReCAPT is situated, an industrial complex for aerospace and other cutting-edge industries has been established, and a wide array of aircraft development and manufacturing projects are underway, with the number of relevant local suppliers accordingly on the increase. We have collaborated closely with the Korea Aerospace Industries, Ltd. (KAI), concluding an agreement of mutual cooperation and running a master’s program based on this collaboration. We have also sought to carry out technology transfer and other collaborative projects in association with local suppliers so that we can contribute to the continued growth of the Korean aerospace industry and the local economy while pursuing our own further development.

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